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    Custom thermoformed packaging is used in a broad spectrum of markets such as retail, automotive, electronics, food, medical, industrial, and beauty & cosmetics. Our facility can accommodate a diverse level of production volumes from a single prototype to a million or more without sacrificing the considerations of a start-up company, or requirements of low volume and specialty orders. We specialize in custom packaging that gives your products optimum display value and ideal usage of space.

    An experienced design team works with you to design, develop, and produce custom thermoformed packaging to best meet specific goals that maximize eye appeal and budget constraints.

    Quality control measures continuously throughout production run, packages are all checked for compliance to each customer's specifications.

    Key Benefits:

      Well suited for high volume.

      Extremely high visibility.

      No returns, No torn packages coming back

      Extremely inexpensive.

      Rigidity and impact resistance.

      For details about custom orders: email: - Ph: Tel:214-252-8100/800-811-6972(US)